Liam Walsh

Liam is an Asia-Pacific Studies student at the Australian National University. He has studied at high school in Okayama, and at Kyushu University, both times for a year. Deeply knowledgeable in foreign affairs, whilst working at ANT, he worked with a-bomb survivors and translated their stories into English so that they can be heard around the world.

Spreading Peace through Animation

Created by founder of the Funkor Child Art Center Fauzia Minallah, and produced by ANT-Hiroshima, the animated short-film “Amai and Sadako’s Prayer” won first place in the 2018 MY HERO film festival.

Telling the story of Amai, the bird of light, along with her friends Babai and Janoo as they travel the world and meet Bibi, a girl from a war-torn country. Amai tells them the story of Sadako, another innocent victim of war, teaching the three of about hope, friendship and peace.

It was received very well by attendees at the festival. A Japanese-language version is also in the works at the moment as well. Please, do take a look at “Amai and Sadako’s Prayer” below.



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