Fauzia Minallah: Using Video To Promote Inter-Faith Harmony In Pakistan

We would like share this short video “Amai’s friends,” which our friend and collaborator, Fauzia Minallah, shows to children in Pakistan to promote inter-faith harmony and understanding across cultures.

“Amai” is a bird of light who spreads the message of peace to children throughout the world. Amai features in the children’s story book, Sadako’s Prayer, written by Fauzia and published in several languages by ANT-Hiroshima.

Amai’s Friends from Funkor on Vimeo.

‘Amai’s Friends’ is dedicated to all those children who face discrimination due to their ethnicity and religion. It documents the projects of Funkor Childart Center in promoting ‘Multicultural Harmony’ in Pakistan’. Funkor Childart Center is grateful to Marcus Younas, Sarwant Kumar Bheel, Akiko Wada, Saifullah from Kalash for their cooperation and Tomoko Watanabe (ANT) for providing picture books and the grant from Global Junior Challenge award that Fauzia Minallah won in Rome for ‘Amai The Bird of Light. This is a salute to Ahmad Faraz our Muslim Santa who works with children of all religions without any prejudices.
‘Moauj Bharey yaa aandhi aaye’ is sung by 12 year old Maria a student of Almaktoom Center for the Visually impaired in Islamabad



Amai, Bird of Light And Santa Claus Visit School Children In Multan, Pakistan

ANT-Hiroshima and Funkor Child Art Centre collaborated with The Society for the Promotion of Education and Awareness to help children of Achha Charwaha Centre in Gulzar Town, Multan, Pakistan celebrate Christmas. Achha Charwaha Centre is an elementary school which is run by the Good Shepherd Sisters.

Copies of Sadako’s Prayer were distributed with a message of peace and hope. Funkor Child Art Centre representative Ahmad Faraz told the story of Sadako and showed the children how to make paper cranes before distributing the books.

The Children then put on a play based on the nativity of Jesus Christ and then Santa Claus distributed gifts from Amai and SEAP Pakistan to more than 300 school children.


Santa tells the story of Sadako’s Prayer with the help of Amai.


The children perform a nativity scene.


Santa Claus demonstrates how to fold a paper crane.



Santa Claus Brings Sadako’s Prayer To St Dominic School, Lahore, Pakistan

This month ANT-Hiroshima has been working with Fauzia Minallah of the Funkor Child Art Centre in Islamabad, Pakistan, and  Hector Nihal, Director of AAS Pakistan in a project to distribute Sadako’s Prayer books and a message of peace and hope for Christmas 2013 to marginalized children in Christian communities in Lahore and Multan, Pakistan.

In the Christmas Program with the children of St Dominic School in Lahore, Santa Claus taught the children how to make paper cranes, and then distributed 100 copies of Sadako’s Prayer to them. The Children read the story of Sadako and then performed some skits based on stories from the Christmas nativity story.


Santa Claus teaches St Dominic School pupils how to make a paper crane.


St Dominic School children perform Christmas skits.


Santa with Amai, the bird of light, and St Dominic School children.


Fauzia Minallah distributing copies of Sadako’s Prayer to the children of St Dominic School.



Fauzia Minalla launches cloth-bound tactile books for visually impared children in Pakistan

amaitactileThe Al-Maktoom Centre for Visually Impared Children is located in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Islamabad. The school opened in 1982 and serves 300 visually impared pupils.

On Thursday 10th October, Fauzia Minallah launched a series of cloth-bound, tactile  books which use designs based on the traditional craft of “Rilli” from Sindh. The books all feature Fauzia’s bird of peace, Amai.

In the books, cloth buttons are arranged in accordance with the braille writing system so that blind children can read the books.

The books are aimed at children aged between six and eight years old.

Speaking about the event, Fauzia said,

“The response has been inspiring. It is rare to see such a supportive government establishment.”

The school offers free education for pupils and a parent-teacher association provides school uniforms, books and medical care for children from families unable to afford those items.

Fauzia’s books were donated to the school library, which was inaugurated during the event on Thursday.



Funkor Childart Center Attends The Children’s Literature Festival In Pakistan

In May 2013 the first ever Children’s Literature Festival was held at Islamia Collegiate School in Islamabad by Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi, Oxford University Press, and Bacha Khan Education Foundation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in collaboration with the Foundation Open Society Institute (FOSI).

Funkor Childart Center had a stall at the festival displaying children’s books by Fauzia Minallah. Fauzia made an animated tribute featuring two of her creations, ‘Malala and Amai’. The animation was shown to an audience of nearly 3000 children at the inauguration of the festival.

Children from various schools in Peshawar and other areas painted a large mural of “Malala and her Friends” . Fauzia started the mural with a sketch of Malala holding books. The pupils then used stencils to draw pictures of children and painted them in the uniform of their respective schools.

Fauzia Minallah also gave several presentations and freely distributed her picture books.

Here is a video of Fauzia’s animation:



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