Exhibitions of Youth Messages for Peace: “How Can We Create Peace Together?”

An Exhibitions of Youth Messages for Peace will be held in Korea in September 2014. It is being organized by the Global Campaign for Peace Education, Japan, and supported by the New English Teachers’ Association and the Japan Education and Resource Network.

As Ms. Malala Yousafzai said in her speech at the UN assembly,

“Our words can change the whole world.”

Expressing your ideas to create peace will help you take action for peace and inspire others to cooperate. This is not a contest. It is an exhibition of ideas. The exhibition will be held during the 8th International Conference of Peace Museums to be held in Korea in September, but it will be shared with various conferences for peace education as well.

The messages will be on the project website, and you can share your ideas for peace at any time with people around the world. The website is here:


1. Raising student awareness of peace creation
2. Inspiring adults to greater efforts for peace with young people’s sincere messages
3. Suggesting to peace museums around the world that they hold more exhibitions or contests of student peace work
4. Publicizing current international exhibitions or contests of student peace work
5. Promoting international communication among students who join this event

Theme: “How Can We Create Peace Together?”

How can we stop thinking only about peace for “myself, my hometown, and my country” and start thinking about how to create peace for everyone on this planet? Please imagine a peaceful world for all and describe the steps required to realize it. Let’s share our ideas for peace!

Messages for Peace can be submitted as essays, poems, picture books, short novels, songs, dance, plays, pictures, photos, and any other form of art or communication

For entry guidelines see


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