Impressions of Hiroshima 5: No More Hiroshimas!!!

Visiting Master Program student, Meas Chhivhun, from Cambodia, was invited to attend the Local Government Traning Course organized by JICA. While on the course Meas came along to Tomoko-san’s Grassroots Peace Activities presentation.After the presentation was over, Meas contributed the following comments:

What are your impressions of Hiroshima?

Very sad to see the result of the A-bomb to human beings [such] as Hiroshima people have met. I feel the horror of this kind of weapon. How could people create such a thing to destroy people.

… I think war never resulted in a good thing to humans and nature, even when using simple weapons there must be bloodshed.

We are living together in one world. Why don’t we live together with happiness and smiling face?

I wish no more war, no more weapons, no more killing, no more Hiroshimas!!! 🙂

Meas Chhivhun
Master Program Student

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