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ANT-Hiroshima Donation Helps Establish A Health Camp For Punjabi Flood Victims

ANT-Hiroshima was one of the organizations which provided funds for a health camp for the flood-affected people in Punjab province of Pakistan. ANT-Hiroshima has donated a total of 500,000 yen to help set up the camp.

Here are some photos of the health work being undertaken at the location…






It’s a bit hard to see the ANT logo on the banner, but part of it can be seen in the bottom right corner of the fourth photo, through the rails of the bedstead.



 Ronni Alexander and the Popoki Peace Project

Ronni Alexander

Ronni Alexander

The Popoki Peace Project is a voluntary project established in Kobe, Japan in 2006 by Ronnie Alexander and inspired by her pet cat to help promote peace.

By the way, “Popoki” is “cat” in Hawaiian. In the photo you can see Ronnie with Popoki as a kitten.

The idea behind the project is to develop a more imaginative response to peace because,

“We cannot create what we cannot imagine.”

In other words, if we are unable to imagine anything peaceful we won’t be able to create peace in our own lives or in the world.

To help participants think about peace in an imaginative way, the project uses Popoki’s Peace Books in peace workshops, seminars and camps. Events have been held all over Japan and in many other countries.

Popoki’s Peace Books to promote critical thinking, imagination, expression and action for peace through such activities as workshops, seminars, camps and other events for people of all ages.

Popoki Peace Books are bilingual books of questions about peace, using situations from the life of Ronnie’s cat, Popoki to ask some simple questions about peace. The questions are simple but there are no easy answers so the reader is encouraged to think about what “peace” could be from a variety of perspectives. The books are illustrated with cute pictures of Popoki and are designed to appeal to all ages.

What Color Is Peace?

What Color Is Peace?

Currently, two Popoki Peace Books have been published, volume 1, What Color Is Peace? and volume 2, What Color Is Friendship?

For more information about the Popoki Peace Project and the Popoki books, see Ronnie’s website at:



Funkor Child Art Center Helping Pakistan’s Flood-Affected Children

The Pakistan-based children’s charity “Funkor Child Art Center“, run by Fauzia Minallah, is playing an active part in helping children affected by the recent floods.

Funkor has set up a children’s tent called “Amai’s Nest“. Amai is the character in Fauzia’s children’s peace education book, Sadako’s Prayer who teaches two children about war and peace.


Amai’s Nest is where the children from a relief camp can read books, paint pictures and do their school work with the help of two teachers.

So far, 37 children from the relief camp have joined Amai’s Nest.


Full report on Fauzia’s Funkor Child Art blog.

Copies of “Sadako’s Prayer” were provided by ANT-Hiroshima 🙂



Pakistan Floods: Winterised Tents and other Relief Activities

Fauzia Minallah reports that the people of Darolai and Gurnai villages in Union Council Mankiyal, Pakistan, have been attempting to reconstruct a wooden bridge since the beginning of August after it was destroyed by the floods. Fauzia’s group have been helping with funds and food.


Also, on October 6th twenty-five “winterized tents” were given to the most needy flood affected families in union council Bahrain and union council Mankiyal.


Click here for the full story and more photos.


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