Jenny Xin Luan

Born and raised in Beijing, China, Jenny came to Hiroshima in September 2018. After graduating from Oberlin College in the U.S. in 2018, she started interning at ANT-Hiroshima and UNITAR Hiroshima Office. She treasures the perspectives she has gained from having lived in different countries. She wants to write about Hiroshima from a global angle by telling stories of people and examining international trends of peace circle. The goal is to spread the peace message further to the Chinese-speaking audience and more.

Small Steps to International Peace Dialogue in Rural Hiroshima

University Peace Exchange Program at Fukutomi Star Terrace 福富・星降るテラス

At Fukutomi Star Terrace 福富・星降るテラス in the countryside of Hiroshima, an international exchange on peace is sprouting among the next generations of college students while they experienced the rural lifestyle and learned in depth about the history of Hiroshima. A small peace exchange program leaves its footsteps on the trail to future international dialogue and global peace.

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ANT-Hiroshima Introductory Pamphlet Available in Chinese Now!

We are excited to announce that the Chinese version of ANT-Hiroshima pamphlet was born with the help of our intern, Jenny Xin Luan. As Japan enters the new era of Reiwa, ANT-Hiroshima is also stepping up to broaden our audience group and strive to deliver Hiroshima’s message to more parts of the world while strengthening international two-way communications for global peace.










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