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  • Silent Histories Exhibit Exhumes Scars of War

    Tweet In a nation called miraculous for its transformation from burned-out desolation to economic powerhouse, the scars of war were quickly hidden by dazzling recovery. Children who suffered physical and mental […]

  • Fukushima Residents Pinning Hopes On NHK

    Tweet Submitted to ANT-Hiroshima by Elizabeth Baldwin   It’s wise to be cautious mentioning radiation if you are a visitor to Fukushima Prefecture. Questions asked feel like salt on a […]

  • Cherry Blossom Brings Hope To Fukushima

    Tweet Senior advisor at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research in Hiroshima, Nassrine Azimi travelled to Fukushima as part of a Hiroshima-based fact-finding group to assess the current […]

  • No Easy Path For Fukushima Parents

    Tweet Submitted to ANT-Hiroshima by Elizabeth Baldwin After the Daiichi No.1 Plant disaster, 140,000 people left Fukushima’s coastal communities or, in some cases, the whole region. Many parents who stayed […]

  • Voices From Fukushima 3: I desperately want my children to live where they can run freely.

    Tweet After the earthquake, everything was in a shambles, but we expected things to come back to normal after the power came on and the water started running. But about […]