6th August 1945: Hiroshima – 11th March 2011: Fukushima

In March of this year, two French film makers, Frédéric & Tomas, came to Japan to make a “web documentary” in which they listen to Japanese people and try to understand their feelings about nuclear power and nuclear weapons. The film makers also recorded an interview with Steven Leeper, the Director of the Peace Culture Foundation in Hiroshima. The film – And The Wind Blows – was made in Hiroshima and Fukushima.

Japanese school girls visit the A-Bomb Dome.
Japanese school girls visit the A-Bomb Dome. A still from the documentary film, And The Wind Blows.

View the film:

Le 6 aout 1945 : Hiroshima. Le 11 mars 2011 : Fukushima Daiichi. 67 ans pour l’un et 1 an après pour l’autre, nous souhaitons aller sur place pour réaliser un travail de constat et de réflexion sur la population qui vit sur ces territoires, la vie quotidienne, le « banal »…

6th August 1945: Hiroshima. 11th March 2011: Fukushima Daiichi. 67 years after the one and one year after the other, we wanted to go on location to create a work of observation and reflection concerning the people who live in those places, their daily lives and so called “commonplace” activities.


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