Amai, Bird of Light And Santa Claus Visit School Children In Multan, Pakistan

ANT-Hiroshima and Funkor Child Art Centre collaborated with The Society for the Promotion of Education and Awareness to help children of Achha Charwaha Centre in Gulzar Town, Multan, Pakistan celebrate Christmas. Achha Charwaha Centre is an elementary school which is run by the Good Shepherd Sisters.

Copies of Sadako’s Prayer were distributed with a message of peace and hope. Funkor Child Art Centre representative Ahmad Faraz told the story of Sadako and showed the children how to make paper cranes before distributing the books.

The Children then put on a play based on the nativity of Jesus Christ and then Santa Claus distributed gifts from Amai and SEAP Pakistan to more than 300 school children.

Santa tells the story of Sadako’s Prayer with the help of Amai.
The children perform a nativity scene.
Santa Claus demonstrates how to fold a paper crane.


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