ANT Hiroshima, A home! A family!!

We received the following message from our neurosurgury friends in Nepal, Prabin and Isha Shrestha,

ANT-Hiroshima is a home, it is a family. It is open for everybody who is involved in different social activities. It doesn’t have any boundary and limit for its activities. People of any group, country, ethnicity and religion have access to it. Therefore, I can’t exactly explain ANT Hiroshima and I don’t know exactly what it is. It is because, ANT Hiroshima, to my knowledge, is performing so many social services, seemingly without limit. It has networks with so many different people and organizations. Though it is an NGO, its way of doing things is different. Anybody who goes there will feel different. It is not as mechanical as other NGOs.

ANT is full of feelings, friendliness and enthusiasm. It inspires others to live with love. It encourages everyone to help others to help themselves. It is like a social network. We can meet people from different background there. People go to ANT though they may not have any direct relation with it. But once they go here, they will find a new idea or project or new way of doing the same project. So, ANT has provided an environment of meeting many people and knowing each other.

Therefore we prefer to call ANT a home, a family. If anybody has free time, he/she can go there and share and spend time there. If anybody has a program and a project he can go there to accomplish the project. Social service and humanity are its principle of existence and function.

It is all because of Mrs. Tomoko Watanabe, who is the founder of ANT. We have ever seen such a wonderful lady. She is a simple human being but has a big heart and a warm soul. She has answer to many things. Whoever goes to her with any problem or ideas, she will promptly find out the ways how a problem can be solved or how a new idea can be implemented. It is due to her wide network all over Japan and around the world. We have been in continuous touch with ANT for more than a decade. We were directly involved with its different activities when we were in Japan for more than 5 years.

In nutshell, ANT and Mrs. Tomoko Watanabe have directly contributed to our career. We thank her a lot and wish her all the best. We really look forward to continuing our relation with ANT. We want to contribute to the world through ANT. Long live ANT.

Prabin, Isha and family


Prabin and Isha Shrestha

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