Art Party 2010 Opens Its Doors In Hiroshima This Weekend!

This weekend the 8th Art Party opens its doors at Aster Plaza, Hiroshima.

What is Art Party?

Art Party is an initiative set up under the auspices of ANT-Hiroshima to exhibit and sell artworks created by children from various communities around the world that are in need of international assistance.


The children are asked to paint scenes from their culture or daily lives. Their teachers then collect the artworks and ANT-Hiroshima arranges to have them shipped to our main office. The staff of the Art Party project then prepare and publicize the exhibition, which has been held in a central location in Hiroshima every December for the last eight years.

So, if it is December in Hiroshima it must be “Art Party”!

Of course, December is a time when people are preparing for the year end festivities, but it is also a time when we try to remember those less fortunate than ourselves, and also buy gifts for our friends and loved ones…

What better way to achieve all those things than to visit the Art Party exhibition and buy a beautiful work of art for someone special in your life?!?

How much does it cost to buy a work of children’s art from Art Party?

There is no fixed price, but we ask for a donation of at least ¥1,000 for each art work.

What happens to the cash?

All the money raised is returned to the communities that contributed artworks and used in project development.

This year’s Art Party Exhibition is at Aster Plaza. Entry is free. The exhibition runs from Friday 12th December until Wednesday 15th December, 11am-7pm each day except Wednesday when the doors will close at 5pm.

TEL: 082-502-6304
FAX: 082-502-6305

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