Dr Nanao Kamada’s One Day In Hiroshima Now Available On Our Resources Page

side_oneday_onDr Nanao Kamada, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Survivors Relief Foundation, and professor emeritus of Hiroshima University wrote One Day in Hiroshima – An Oral History because although most people are aware there are lingering after-effects from radiation, few know that there are still survivors who continue to suffer from second or third cancers because of radiation damage. The book is divided into three parts: “Past,” “Present” and “Future,” and uses a lot of photos, charts and technical explanations to help convey its message.

The book is based on an interview that Dr Kamada conducted with an elderly woman who survived the bombing in Hiroshima. She describes her life after the attack. Her experiences were shared by many others and it is Dr Kamada’s hope that his book will help readers to understand the actual situation of the survivors.

One Day In Hiroshima is now available as a free-download on our resource page.



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