Fauzia Minalla launches cloth-bound tactile books for visually impared children in Pakistan

amaitactileThe Al-Maktoom Centre for Visually Impared Children is located in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Islamabad. The school opened in 1982 and serves 300 visually impared pupils.

On Thursday 10th October, Fauzia Minallah launched a series of cloth-bound, tactile  books which use designs based on the traditional craft of “Rilli” from Sindh. The books all feature Fauzia’s bird of peace, Amai.

In the books, cloth buttons are arranged in accordance with the braille writing system so that blind children can read the books.

The books are aimed at children aged between six and eight years old.

Speaking about the event, Fauzia said,

“The response has been inspiring. It is rare to see such a supportive government establishment.”

The school offers free education for pupils and a parent-teacher association provides school uniforms, books and medical care for children from families unable to afford those items.

Fauzia’s books were donated to the school library, which was inaugurated during the event on Thursday.


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