Fauzia Minallah Helping Displaced Mothers & Children From The War Against The Taliban

Here is a BBC World News report about the help that Pakistani civilians are giving to their fellow countrymen from Pakistan’s north-western Swat valley who have fled from the latest war against the Taliban.

Half way through the report, Fauzia Minallah describes how displaced children are being helped to cope with their experience by painting pictures of how their villages used to be and how they would like them to be when they go back.

A bit later on she explains that the broad support that the Pakistani army has enjoyed in its campaign against the SWAT Taliban, “because it is our army fighting. But if it is seen as America’s war, then the public support will be gone.”

Fauzia is an Islamabad based artist who has written and illustrated children’s books. She also founded the Funkor Childart Centre in Islamabad to promote peace through art.

Fauzia Minallah also wrote and illustrated Sadako’s Prayer, which was published by ANT-Hiroshima in 2006.

BBC Report:


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