Happy 3rd Anniversary, Green Legacy Hiroshima!

On 1st July it was the 3rd anniversary of the founding of Green Legacy Hiroshima … Wow! We are about to embark on our third year of disseminating seeds of peace around the world.

Founding members, Tomoko Watanabe, Hideko Yamada and Nassrine Azimi marked the moment by visiting Shukkein Garden in the centre of Hiroshima City and sitting for a while under the mother of all survivor trees – the very rotund, robust and gorgeous 200-year-old Gingko biloba.

The gingko biloba survivor tree, Shukkeien Garden

She is so full of seed already that I feel we must start exercising with some back-bends soon. By October when we collect all this bounty we’d better be in good shape!

In two years, Green Legacy Hiroshima has made new homes in some 20 countries — and as we work together to get the seeds and saplings to their destination and to help them thrive in their new environments, we also learn more about one another and come closer together. As we get ideas and encouragement from others, our commitment to a greener and nuclear-weapon free world grows ever stronger.

Such gifts, already — thank you. Just another 998 years to go…

170 Survivor Trees Versus 170,000 Nuclear Warheads…

Shukkeien Garden, September 1945, with the gingko biloba tree in the left foreground.

There are about 170 survivor trees in Hiroshima and — according to the Federation of American Scientists — some 17,000 nuclear warheads around the world.

How many decades would it take, to reverse that count?

But do not despair; I was surprised recently, to learn that Hiroshima Memorial Museum is – among foreigners – the most visited place in Japan. That says something about a collective sense of urgency, a sense that we must do whatever it takes to free the world of these insane weapons.

Working with you all – and with the Gingko survivor tree and her friends — has made us hopeful.
Happy anniversary Green Legacy Hiroshima !!



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