Impressions of Hiroshima 10: It Was Said That The Grass Would Never Grow Again…

Visiting Master Program student, Letila Moala Tuiyalani, a civil servant and graduate student from Fiji, was invited to attend the Local Government Traning Course organized by JICA. While on the course Letila attended Tomoko-san’s Grassroots Peace Activities presentation.After the presentation was over, Lelita and the other students were asked,What are your impressions of Hiroshima?

Hiroshima, which once was a military city, has now become a very peaceful and beautiful city, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, very calm and quiet society, with friendly and kind-hearted people, very much against any kinds of atomic-bomb testing or nuclear weapon testing or construction around the world, still bears the pain and suffering of what happened or the tragedy that occurred 65 years ago, and although the smiles of its people are visible, one can see through their pain the tragedy that occurred in their city.

It was said that the grass would never grow again in Hiroshima, however, the very place that was targeted during the bombing seems to be the most beautiful place in the city today.

Hiroshima people have experienced the worst-nightmare human beings could experience. I sincerely feel for the people of Hiroshima, the suffering that her people had to go through and so I stand together with the people of Hiroshima in the fight against atomic-bombing and in the fight against humanity, in their protection as a whole.

I wish Hiroshima and her people the very best in the future.

Letila Moala Tuiyalani
Civil Servant & Graduate Student

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