Impressions of Hiroshima 11: When I saw Hiroshima’s situation I could imagine my own country

After attending Tomoko Watanabe’s lecture, Grassroots Peace Activities, the participants were asked:What are your impressions of Hiroshima?Here are the comments of Mohammed Mojeeb, a civil administrator from Afghanistan:

I heard before about Hiroshima, that it was one of the cities of Japan that was bombed by an atomic bomb, but I didn’t have more information: How it happened; what was the effect of the atom bomb in this city.

When I came to this city and on the first day when I saw the video my tears came out when I saw the children in the video in that situation. It was too hard for me; my heart was crying. I was comparing those children to children of my country, Afghanistan. Still in my country I can see children die every day by bomb blasts. When I saw Hiroshima’s situation I could imagine my own country; children go out in the morning for school, their mothers waiting for them, but what happened is they find their children dead in their arms. I can feel the pain of mothers, the pain of fathers, the pain of children in Hiroshima who lost someone in that atomic bomb because we also have that pain in our hearts in our country….

People want peace. I am very happy that Hiroshima became a city where now all the people can live in a calm and relaxing environment. I [feel it is] wonderful that now people of Hiroshima can live in a good condition. I know all the people have the pain of losing someone from their family. I wish my country also one day will have a good situation, a situation or an environment where people can live with a relaxed mind, where a mother won’t be worried for her children to go to school and come back. I wish a good tomorrow for Hiroshima and my country. We only want peace, nothing else.

Mohammed Mojeeb
Civil Administrator

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