Impressions of Hiroshima 2: Changing Agent Is Effort, Commitment & Strength

After Tomoko Watanabe‘s presentation, Grassroots Peace Activities, the assembled guests, local government civil servants from various countries were asked to describe their impressions of Hiroshima. Keshav Raj Subedi, a Nepalese civil servant responded.

What are your impressions Hiroshima?

Have held a “severe panic” image of World War II, but have now seen Hiroshima in reality. After visiting Hiroshima, I didn’t find any sign of past history. Society, infrastructure and humanity totally revitalized… changing agent is effort, commitment, and strength. That results in better progress for tomorrow. “Panic past” became the feedback/guidelines for a better future. The goal can be achieved by strong confidence, good planning as well as managerial skill. Social unity and social environment for the resurrecting of society has had a result of omitting the images of “panic wound”.

Natural disasters cannot be controlled; it is beyond human capacity to predict but man-made disaster can be controlled. But it needs networking with a sense of humanity, belongingness, and fair competence for peace building, but the center point should be “peace”.

Japan’s people’s effort has proved such activities by networking and building peace worldwide.
It may be through work of ANT that it can be achieved. There is nothing impossible but the intention should be the sacred, clear and peaceful.

Keshav Raj Subedi
Planning, Monitoring & Administrative Officer,

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