Impressions of Hiroshima 6: Destruction of Human Beings & Infrastructure

Tomoko Watanabe gave a presentation about Grassroots Peace Activities. Afterwards, the participants who were local government administrators and academics from various Asian countries were invited to respond to the question:

What are your impressions of Hiroshima?

Here are some comments by Tirko Prasad Dhital, a civil servant from Nepal:

Hiroshima is a historical place of Japan. I only read about Hiroshima in books but I got an opportunity to observe what happened in 1945, August 6th. It was a big destruction of human beings and infrastructure.

I remembered in my country about 10 years conflict with Maoists. We were also suffering conflict and many children, women, old men died in our country and also various infrastructure [was destroyed as a result of] manmade violence.

But Hiroshima has developed everywhere and they get high to show the unity of society and nation. After my visit to Hiroshima I would like to wish all over the world people and leaders to make peace and not use atomic weapons against human beings and nature.

Tirko Prasad Dhital
Ministry of Local Development

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