Impressions of Hiroshima 7: Hiroshima is a Place of Peace

After Tomoko Watanabe had given her Grassroots Peace Activities presentation to a group of government officials and academics who are visiting Japan from various countries in Asia, the participants were asked to describe their impressions of Hiroshima.

Arija Vaidya, a postgraduate student from Nepal, writes…

Living here for the last two years, my impression is that Hiroshima is a place of peace. All people, (insiders and outsiders) are heartily welcomed.

During my stay in Japan, I feel lucky to get the opportunity to stay in Hiroshima, which gave me a chance to know about the reality of A-bomb and the voice of the A-bomb survivors. Hence, I would like to utilize this opportunity to know the reality and I want to convey the message of peace and the reality of my friends back in my country.

Arija Vaidya
Postgraduate student

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