Impressions of Hiroshima 8: In Hiroshima I Saw the Real Story

Arham, a student from Indonesia, also attended Tomoko’s Grassroots Peace Activities session and when asked what his impressions of Hiroshima were, he wrote:

Before I came to Japan I heard many things about the Second World War. One of the most famous and easy to remember was the atomic bombs which America [dropped on] Nagasaki and Hiroshima… [at a] critical moment during World War II between Japan and the United States. Only the atomic bomb could push Japan to give up… meaning that because of the atomic bombs made by America the war could stop. This story told us about the improvement of American technology, which attracted a young country [such as Indonesia] to learn from America.

However, after being in Hiroshima I saw the real story and deeply, we could understand the reality behind the news we received; so many people killed, so many people suffered no only the day when bombs fell but after 2-3 years later many strange diseases attack the people so finally they died because of the diseases.

Postgraduate student

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