Impressions of Hiroshima 9: All Peace Loving People Should Raise Their Voice Against Atomic Bombs

Tomoko Watanabe gave a presentation about Grassroots Peace Activities to some academics and local government administrators from a number of Asian countries. After the session they were asked:What are your impressions of Hiroshima?

This was the response handed in by Akramul Hoque, a local government rural development officer from Bangladesh:

When I was a student in 1965 I learned about Hiroshima. Since then I hated those who had done it…

  • In spite of this devastating event, the people of Hiroshima [turned around] and [created] a better [situation] than before and did a lot of development by dint of their labour, commitment, sincerity and honesty.
  • I strongly believe that the present and future generations will never witness such a black or spiteful event.
  • …My impression from the situation of Hiroshima is that all peace loving people should hate this and should raise their voice against atomic bombs or nuclear energy.
  • Hiroshima should [become] a centre of excellence for the upcoming generation.
  • I would like to thank the people of Hiroshima for bearing this painful event and for overcoming it and facing it with strong morale and determination.
  • The people of Hiroshima, or the Prefectural Government, should take some more initiative in favour of world peace, because they are direct victims of the atomic bomb.
  • The video which we have watched today should be distributed and publicized all over the world so the people of the world can realize the dangerous impact of A bombs.

Akramul Hoque,
Rural Development Officer

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