Katsunobu Sakurai, Mayor of Minami Soma’s Appeal for Volunteers

On March 24th the mayor of Minami Soma appealed for volunteers to help with transport of emergency supplies to the earthquake and tsunami affected area. The appeal also included a request for petrol as the whole Tohoku area was without fuel for several weeks. Because Minami Soma is close to the Fukushima nuclear power plant, residents had to stay indoors to avoid exposing themselves to radiation as much as possible. Supermarkets and other shops were all shut and after 14 days people were running out of food and essential supplies.

The mayor of Minami Soma made his appeal in response to that emergency. The situation has improved in recent days, thanks to the response to the mayor’s appeal. Volunteers rushed to the area bringing necessary supplies, fuel and transport. Of course, there is still a huge amount of work to be done in the area.

The video was made about a month ago, but we want to bring it to our blog-readers’ attention as it has English subtitles and enables the voice of the people from the disaster area be heard more directly so that people around the world can better understand the situation.


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