Model Toy Libraries as Peace Centers: Phase One of the Project Completed

In June of this year, I posted about ANT-Hiroshima partner Aldrin Bucoy Abdurahim’s project Model Toy Libraries as Peace Centers. The project aims to help children learn about peace and value education through having fun with educational toys. At the time, preparations for the project were in full swing; after three months of implementation, ANT-Hiroshima received word that this stage of the project has been successfully completed.

Aldrin’s NPO ABA Trainings Inc. created Toy Libraries in 20 schools in Zamboanga City, Philippines, using donations from ANT-Hiroshima, the Philippine Toy Library, and other organizations. The project will positively impact approximately 3,730 children across the 20 schools.

In the project report, Aldrin wrote a number of lessons learned, including, “Partnership is very important. Support from other peace practitioners doing similar advocacy will truly make the project more meaningful.”

He also said his team was able to turn setbacks into opportunities to increase their support network and learn to work more resourcefully.

There are many more schools interested in joining the project, and Aldrin is currently planning how to double its scope. ANT-Hiroshima wishes him and all involved luck as phase two commences!

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