Mussie Hailu Recognized As A "Very Talented Person" – It’s Official!

TOP 73 V.T.P.” is an organization that produces an annual list of the “Top 73 Very Talented Persons” – worldwide.

There was excitement in the ANT-Hiroshima office the other day when news came through that our very own African Representative, Mussie Hailu, had received this prestigious award in the “Gift to the World” category in 2009 for his indefatigable efforts as an international advocate fighting worldwide for right human relationship, reconciliation and dialogue, environmental protection and volunteerism.

Mussie Hailu: Very Talented Person, 2009
Mussie Hailu: Very Talented Person, 2009

Each year, 73 people are selected for their contribution to humanity and “earth greatness”. The award consists of nine different categories:

  1. Life attitude
  2. Ecology
  3. Gift to the world
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Science
  6. Mathematics
  7. Applied arts
  8. Medicine
  9. Special selection

It is no surprise, therefore, that Mussie is a winner in the “Gift to the world” category and finds himself among a very select group of people. Other winners of the 2009 VTP73 awards include such talented individuals as:

  • Rita Levi Montalcini from Italy: responsible of discoveries of the nerve growth factor.
  • Hugh Herr from the United States: inventor, thanks to whose work and researches a great many people can walk again; through his research program, Herr strives to enhance those technologies that promise to accelerate the process of merging body and machine.
  • Robert Kiyosaki from the United States: entrepreneur and promoter of good actions in the financial world.
  • Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh: economist and banker, the creator of the microloans system for micro entrepreneurs around the world.
  • Marco Roveda from Italy: entrepreneur in the communication field with a special dedication to promoting ecological activities.
  • Hasan Insel from Turkey: founder of the first Turkish outpatient clinic, established in Istanbul, in 1981. He has introduced the preventive medicine system in Turkey.
  • Adriana Macias from Mexico: lawyer and writer leads a campaign aimed at inspiring workers with disabilities and promoting their job reintegration.
  • Jimmy Wales from United States: co-founder and promoter of the on-line encyclopedia wikipedia.
  • Haruki Murakami from Japan: a writer.
  • And many more.

The goal of VTP is to honor and promote those people who are contributing something to humanity and “earth greatness”, for the purpose of making them role models to be followed by others.

Check out the VTP website at:

There is no ranking system since each person is to be admired and considered in his or her own right. Moreover, there is no discrimination of age, sex, nationality or race or planetary origin.

To determine who should be awarded two questions must be asked:

  1. What is his-or-her talent?
  2. What is he-or-she doing for the benefit of the world?

If you would like to nominate someone for the next VTP awards, you can send your nomination to .


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