Our Blog Has A New “Resources” Page…

We have just added a new Resources page to this blog and have posted our first freely downloadable “resource” on the page.

The resource is an educational document titled “Spreading Hiroshima’s Spirit of Peace,” by Tomoko Watanabe.

In the report, Tomoko-san describes her experiences in the immediate post-war period as she grew up in a family of “A-Bomb Survivors”. At first, people did not talk so much about their experience of the A-bomb. When Tomoko’s grandfather died, she began to question her purpose in life and writes,

“It was the first time that I felt keenly aware of the fact that I was born in Hiroshima to parents who were survivors of the atomic bomb.”


Tomoko goes on to describe how she came to be active in peace education as a result of her early experiences. Other sections of the report deal with the “Destruction and Rebirth” of Hiroshima, Hiroshima as a “Fortress of Peace,” and the work of ANT-Hiroshima.

The resource is in PDF format for easy downloading. Please feel free to download the report and use it as an educational resource or for any kind of peace-related activity, or simply for personal purposes.

More reports will be added in due course.




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