Our Latest Blog Follower: Ngawang Chopel from Bhutan

DSC01992 On 26th February 2010 Tomoko Watanabe gave a lecture to a group of sixteen international students who were visiting Hiroshima as part of course on the “Enhancement of Local Government Administration and Public Services” for government administrators.

The theme of Tomoko’s lecture was, “What is Hiroshima? What is ANT-Hiroshima? What is Hiroshima’s mission in the world?

One of the participants who attended the lecture, Ngawang Chopel, later sent us the following message by email:

“…let me first of all thank from the very profundity of my heart for the lecture and all the arrangements you have made for us. Your lecture and your work really touches the heart and it was really encouraging for me. I see the heartbreaks in your life yet you have lived so strongly to sow the seed of peace in society… If we implant and sow the seeds of happiness and peace in the minds of youth… the fruits therefrom will be peace and your work is to enhance that.”

Ngawan Chopel then tells us something about the philosophy of his own country, Bhutan:

“In my country we have a philosophy of Gross National Happiness whereby our king emphaszes the happiness of the people through development rather than development and growth itself. ”

Ngawang found our blog and became our most recent “follower”. Thank you for following us Ngawang!
Ngawang Chopel also has his own blog where he has written an interesting report about his time in Japan and his impressions of Japanese life. He has some interesting insights to offer on the topic of Japanese time” and the importance of “time” in Japan which is well worth reading.
On his blog, Ngawang also reports about his trip to Hiroshima. This is what he says after visiting Peace Memorial Park.

“Through this very tragic experience the people of Hiroshima has built a foundation of peace for all human kind. They have implanted the seeds of Peace in the hearts of every people living there and nurturing to reap the Fruit of Peace…. I would like to be part of them to spread my message to all, to work towards living in peace, so that the people on planet live happily and hand over our planet to the next generation with more peace and tranquility. If the seed of peace is sowed in our heart, the fruits of peace wil be reaped.

“Let there be PEACE on earth and PEACE only. My prayers for those who lost their lives are with them to rest their soul in peace. May God Bless us with PEACE.”

Thank you for your comments about Hiroshima and for wanting to play your part with us. Each of us is only little, but together we can build a peaceful future.
Best wishes to all,
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