Peace Seeds: A Video Letter To Green Legacy Hiroshima…

Here is a video message to Green Legacy Hiroshima. It is compiled of two video reports, one from Irkutsk Botanical Garden, Russia, and the other from Nichia Gakuin, Buenos Aires, Argentina, where “peace seeds” from trees that survived the atomic bombing have been planted and are now flourishing saplings…

In his message, Dr. Victor Kuzevanov, Director of the Botanical Garden of Irkutsk State University, say,

“Irkutsk city is the first place where plants of Green Legacy Hiroshima were received. Plants we have here are tangible rexources and at the same time they are very good messages for Russians and for people of the world of the dangers of nuclear disaster. We hope that working together we can protect our very sensitive, very fragile world from nuclear disaster.”

Julio Bernal, Project Coordinator of the “Semillas de Paz” (Seeds of Peace) project at Nichia Gakuin reads a message in Japanese thanking the people of Hiroshima for the donation and for sending peace and love to far distant South America.





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