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When Ambassador Mussie Hailu visited Hiroshima, Tomoko Watanabe asked him if he would take on the role of representative for ANT-Hiroshima in Africa. Ambassador Mussie Hailu readily agreed to Tomoko-san’s proposal, and on his return to his mother country, Ethiopia, he began to raise the profile of ANT-Hiroshima in Africa through newspaper reports (see previous blog post), and by distributing the children’s peace education book, Sadako’s Prayer, published by ANT-Hiroshima.

So, who is Ambassador Mussie Hailu? Let’s have a the life of ANT-Hiroshima’s new African representative…

Mussie Hailu

Ambassador Mussie Hailu was born and grew up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and studied Comparative Religions, International Relationships, Management and Metaphysical Philosophy. He also attended at the Peace building & Development Institute at School of International Service of American University Summer Course.

He is an international advocate and activist for Culture of Peace, Interfaith Harmony & cooperation, world citizenship, right human relationship, reconciliation & dialogue, environmental protection and volunteerism.

Mussie Hailu believes in creating and building a culture of peace and a better world for all. To that end, he works with numerous peace-related organizations. He is the Regional Director of United Religions Initiative for Africa, Boar Chairman of Interfaith Peace-building Initiative, Representative of world Federation of United Nations Associations to the Economic Commission of Africa (ECA) and African Union (AU), Lifetime Deputy Governor of the American Biographical Research Institute, Peace Representative of the World Peace Society, Chairman of Haile Selassie Aid Ethiopia, Special Adviser to Africa for World Peace and Love Federation, Patron of United World College National committee of Ethiopia, Representative of World Citizen Association for Africa, African Diaspora Foundation Chairman for Africa, and Advisor of Center for Peace building International.

Mussie Hailu was also appointed as Ambassador at Large of The Republic of Burundi by the President of Burundi. He is the Good Will Ambassador for the Unity and Reconciliation Commission of Rwanda and Special Emissary to his Majesty King Kigeli V of Rwanda, who is currently in exile in the USA.

Finally, his is also a representative of HOPE’87, and it was through his connections with HOPE’87 that he was introduced to Tomoko Watanabe of ANT-Hiroshima.

One of his peace initiatives was a “Declaration of Peace” distributed worldwide during the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. This declaration was intended to encourage people to make a personal commitment to stand for global peace, human rights, environmental & animal protection, cooperation and international unity under the slogan:

“May Peace Prevail on Earth”

The “Golden Rule” is his motto in life. Asked, as why he uses the Golden Rule as his motto he said,

“It is my prayer. It is my wish. It is part of my life. It is the air I want to breathe and I think it is the air the world wants to breathe. As it is stated in the preamble of UNESCO, ‘since war begins in the minds of men, it is in the mind of men defenses must be constructed’. The way how I see this, both peace and violence are the products of the human mind and it is from the human mind that a sense of responsibility to act and think in a peaceful manner will develop. We all need to plant a seed of peace and hope in our mind. Through the prayer of ‘May Peace Prevail on earth’ and practicing Golden Rule. If we do this then we can overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love, anger with tolerance, war with peace and revenge with forgiveness”.

Mussie Hailu was one of the panelists at a conference of the Interreligious and International Federation For World Peace organized at the UN headquarters in New York along with Dan Quayle, Lech Walesa and many others. Mussie Hailu spoke about “The Empowerment of Youth through Character Education” in his capacity as regional liaison office of the World Peace Society.

Regarding the importance of dialogue among civilized nations, he said,

“As we are living together on this planet earth, no matter what place, situation, or circumstance each of us may find ourselves as individuals, our existence has a special meaning. Each of us has a special role to play throughout our daily lives.

“Differences of Color and place of birth are trivial things. What is important is that we recognize ourselves as a citizen of the world. One of the most important missions for humanity at this stage must be to bring people together as one with the shared goal of creating a peaceful world for all to live in. We need to develop a conscience that transcends all differences among nations, ethnic groups, races and religious beliefs and opinions through dialogue. It is my deepest believe that dialogue will give birth to a great wave of human energy directed towards world peace, development and unity in this century.”

He also emphasized on the need for a culture of peace as it is a question of value, attitude, individual and collective behaviours, which gives rise to and incarnate the spirit of peace. He recommends a Peace education and peace-culture programme to be integrated in the school system, in order to indoctrinate the younger generation in the spirit of peace.

He pioneered a number of goodwill initiatives in Africa including the Council of Former African Heads of States for Peace, Reconciliation and Development, the aim of which was to fully and constructively engage former heads of state of Africa so that they can share their rich experience in the pursuit of peace, development and reconciliation across the continent and to inspire peaceful leadership transitions in Africa. He was also the prime mover behind the peace monument, which is erected at the headquarters of the Organization of African Unity.

For his achievements and services in many areas, he has also received numerous awards, medals, certificates of merit from numerous organizations including the United Nations.

We at ANT-Hiroshima are glad to have someone so well connected and dynamic in the pursuit of peace as our representative in Africa.

Thank you for helping us to raise our profile in Africa, Mussie-san!


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