Santa Claus Brings Sadako’s Prayer To St Dominic School, Lahore, Pakistan

This month ANT-Hiroshima has been working with Fauzia Minallah of the Funkor Child Art Centre in Islamabad, Pakistan, and  Hector Nihal, Director of AAS Pakistan in a project to distribute Sadako’s Prayer books and a message of peace and hope for Christmas 2013 to marginalized children in Christian communities in Lahore and Multan, Pakistan.

In the Christmas Program with the children of St Dominic School in Lahore, Santa Claus taught the children how to make paper cranes, and then distributed 100 copies of Sadako’s Prayer to them. The Children read the story of Sadako and then performed some skits based on stories from the Christmas nativity story.

Santa Claus teaches St Dominic School pupils how to make a paper crane.
St Dominic School children perform Christmas skits.
Santa with Amai, the bird of light, and St Dominic School children.
Fauzia Minallah distributing copies of Sadako’s Prayer to the children of St Dominic School.


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