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  • Hibakujumoku Translation: “The Winding Eucalyptus”

    The second installment of my translations from Yūko Ishida’s Meeting Hiroshima’s Trees is about the eucalyptus located in the Hiroshima Castle grounds. * * * The Winding Eucalyptus There’s a eucalyptus along […]

  • Hibakujumoku Translation: “The Tree Doctor of Hiroshima”

    In my search for information on hibakujumoku, I cracked open Yūko Ishida’s book Meeting Hiroshima’s Trees (広島の木に会いにいく) and was immediately engrossed. I want to share the book’s stories, both of trees and […]

  • Listen to Panflutes Made from Hibakujumoku

    Hiroshima’s Senda Elementary School created a CD last December of the school’s Panflute and Chorus Club playing three songs on panflutes made from a kaizuka-ibuki hibakujomoku that had grown on […]

  • Nine Introductions to Hibakujumoku

    On November 4, Tokyo University of Agriculture Professor Yoichi Kunii, Kuniko Watanabe, and myself traversed the streets, gardens, hills, shrines, and temples of Hiroshima to gather data on hibakujumoku (atomic-bombed […]

  • Green Legacy Hiroshima: Spreading Seeds Of Peace Across The World

    After the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on 6th August 1945 it was thought that nothing would grow in the city for 75 years. However, the following spring new seedlings were […]