Motomachi Elementary School

Motomachi School Children Design Posters For The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates In Hiroshima

The 11th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates was held in Hiroshima on 12th-14th November, 2010. Here is a video of the Peace Appeal Ceremony that was held at the opening of the final session of the summit.

Several preparatory events were held in Hiroshima in the run-up to the summit to help promote the summit in the city and beyond.

One such event, “Poster Live,” was run by illustrator Kuroda Seitarou at Motomachi Elementary School in the middle of Hiroshima. About 300 nursery and elementary school children gathered in the school gymnasium to create posters which would be displayed in community centres and other public buildings around the city to publicize the summit.

After a short talk, Kuroda-san demonstrated how to draw a poster with crayons. Then, accompanied by music, all 300 children got to work with crayons to make their own Peace Summit posters. In the photo you can see Kuroda-san and the children all engrossed in the activity.


As you can see, by the end of the session, 300 original publicity posters had been created.

After the event, Kuroda-san joined the children for school dinner.

After the event, Kuroda-san joined the children for school dinner.





Nassrine Azimi’s Friendship Forest Peace Initiative, Motomachi Elementary School

In May 2009 Nassrine Azimi the first director of the UNITAR Hiroshima (2003-2009) planted some trees in a corner of Motomachi Elementary School in Hiroshima with the aim of fostering a spirit of peace and harmony. The area set aside for the tree planting was named “Friendship Forest”. The trees included a phoenix-tree and a hackberry tree which were the second or third generation “offspring” of trees that were exposed to the A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945.


On 19th October, Tomoko Watanabe, (representing ANT-Hiroshima), and Nassrine Azimi’s mother (representing Nassrine Azimi) attended a ceremony to mark the opening of the garden for the school children. Songs were sung and the school children read some small speeches about their hopes for peace and Tomoko-san talked to them about peace and the Friendship Forest.

Nassrine Azimi is hoping to plant more “friendship forests” in other places beyond Hiroshima in the future.



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