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Model Toy Libraries as Peace Centers Project Underway in the Philippines

ANT-Hiroshima is partnering with the non-profit organization ABA Trainings Inc. for the latter’s project Model Toy Libraries as Peace Centers, which will set up Toy Libraries in 20 elementary schools in Zamboanga City, Philippines. The project, also supported by the organization Philippine Toy Library, is spearheaded by Aldrin Bucoy Abdurahim, ABA Trainings Inc.’s founder and president.

The Toy Libraries are intended to help children learn about peace and value education through having fun. Educational toys, housed at the libraries and used to teach lessons, include books, stuffed toys, science and musical toys, slides, abacuses, puzzles, and cards.

Students at a local school say thanks

In order to set up the Toy Libraries, ABA Trainings Inc. needed book shelves, flooring linoleum, and posters in addition to the toys themselves. ANT-Hiroshima provided funding support for shelves and also plans to send copies of “Paper Crane Journey” to furnish the Libraries.

Aldrin said he was inspired by ANT-Hiroshima, particularly its commitment to building strong relationships, when he visited Hiroshima in 2010 as part of the Philippine delegation to JICA’s Training Program for Young Leaders on post-war reconstruction and peace-building. After participating in the program, Aldrin wanted to strengthen the relationship between Hiroshima and Zamboanga City.

ABA stands for Action Bridges Aspirations, but the name has further meanings. According to Aldrin, the word “aba” means “awakening to something you are good at” in Chavacano, the creole language used in Zamboanga City. The non-profit also carries the same initials as its founder.

Children at one of ABA Trainings Inc.’s partner schools

After being legally recognized as an NGO in 2015, ABA Trainings Inc. established five Peace Crane Centers across Zamboanga City in 2016. The organization works in local schools and communities and conducts programs on education, youth empowerment, leadership development for students, and team-building for teachers. Aldrin said the Toy Libraries project, ABA’s main focus in 2017, was built on the NGO’s engagement with many schools in the region through their other programs.

Currently, three of ABA Trainings Inc.’s peace centers have been converted to Toy Libraries, and the others are in the process of being set up. Aldrin plans to officially launch the 20 Model Toy Libraries as Peace Centers on 6 August 2017.


Paper Crane Journey Translated into Chinese

For a couple of weeks during August and September ANT-Hiroshima took on a Chinese student, Dong Yanan, as office intern.


Dong Yenan

Dong-san is an exchange student from Tongji University in Shanghai. She is studying at Tohoku University.

Dong-san came to Hiroshima with a group of young people from areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The group had come to Hiroshima on internships so that they would be able to learn about how Hiroshima recovered from the atomic bombing at the end of World War Two.

While working at ANT-Hiroshima Dong-san translated Paper Crane Journey into Chinese. Dong-san says that she made the translation in the hope of strengthening ties between Japan and China.

Paper Crane Journey

Paper Crane Journey

Paper Crane Journey describes the life of Sadako Sasaki, a little girl who survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, but later contracted leukemia and died at the age of 12, in 1955.

When she was in hospital, Sadako began folding paper cranes according to an old myth that your wish would be granted if you folded 1,000 cranes. After she died her classmates started a campaign to raise money for a memorial and in 1958  the Children’s Peace Monument was unveiled in Peace Park.

The publisher of Paper Crane Journey has given ANT-Hiroshima permission to attach translations of the original text onto the pages of the Japanese-language book. So far, ANT-Hiroshima has translated Paper Crane Journey into 11 languages, including English, German, Nepalese, Dari, and now Chinese. Translated versions are made whenever requested and provided at “cost” price.

When Dong Yanan returns to Tongji University next spring, she plans to donate a Japanese and a Chinese copy of the book to the university. She says,

“I want to tell people that war, which victimizes innocent people, must never be waged”

The executive director of ANT-Hiroshima, Tomoko Watanabe expressed her hope that,

“The hopes for peace of young people will bridge the boundaries of political differences.”

If you would like to order copies of Paper Crane Journey in your language, please contact ANT-Hiroshima at to discuss your needs


Deep Jyoti English School & Sadako

Tomoko received the following photos and letter attached to an email from Rakakesh Kumar Shrestha in Nepal. The letter is from a teacher at the Deep Jyoti English School, Sudal, Bhaktapur, Nepal after reading Paper Crane Journey, which was distributed to pupils at the school on behalf of ANT-Hiroshima…



Here is a lightly edited transcription of the letter:

When I got “Paper Crane Journey Carrying Sadako’s Prayer” I read it properly and prefer my children to learn it. After going from front to last, it touch my heart and I was shocked. Children from my children, they express sad feeling due to the innocent death of Sadako’s.Today, the world is facing the great problem of war and the same violence must be prevented which increases the mental torture of children. So the atom bomb, weapons and so on which lead nations to the crime and must be controlled and stopped.

Likewise, the death of Sadako’s other children who died on the accident spot, they shouldn’t have died. That’s why, public property like schools, hospitals, children park and other important places and monuments instead of destroying, should be conserved or preserved to make peaceful environment in the world.

Likewise, for the welfare of children, whatever the step you are forwarding for the prevention of war, we are really appreciate with you to end violence and increase the patriotic feeling among the children because children are future pillar who save/ruled the world.


Napalese Versions of Paper Crane Journey Distributed To Local Schools Near Kathmandu

Here are some photos of school children in junior schools near Kathmandu, Nepal who are reading copies of the Nepalese version of Paper Crane Journey, by Shiho Umino, which were donated by ANT-Hiroshima and distributed by our voluntary representative on the ground, Rakesh Shrestha.

IMG_3622 IMG_3623 IMG_3628

Rakesh Shrestha informs us that the children were excited to receive the books and that they made a refreshing change from reading school study books. The children were also moved by Sadako’s suffering and the story of her struggle of an innocent school girl to survive after the devastation of the atomic bomb at the end of World War II.



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