Deep Jyoti English School & Sadako

Tomoko received the following photos and letter attached to an email from Rakakesh Kumar Shrestha in Nepal. The letter is from a teacher at the Deep Jyoti English School, Sudal, Bhaktapur, Nepal after reading Paper Crane Journey, which was distributed to pupils at the school on behalf of ANT-Hiroshima…



Here is a lightly edited transcription of the letter:

When I got “Paper Crane Journey Carrying Sadako’s Prayer” I read it properly and prefer my children to learn it. After going from front to last, it touch my heart and I was shocked. Children from my children, they express sad feeling due to the innocent death of Sadako’s.Today, the world is facing the great problem of war and the same violence must be prevented which increases the mental torture of children. So the atom bomb, weapons and so on which lead nations to the crime and must be controlled and stopped.

Likewise, the death of Sadako’s other children who died on the accident spot, they shouldn’t have died. That’s why, public property like schools, hospitals, children park and other important places and monuments instead of destroying, should be conserved or preserved to make peaceful environment in the world.

Likewise, for the welfare of children, whatever the step you are forwarding for the prevention of war, we are really appreciate with you to end violence and increase the patriotic feeling among the children because children are future pillar who save/ruled the world.

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