Tomoko Celebrates Her Birthday In Good Company!

L to R: Tomoko, Louise Marie, Nassrine Azimi, Masami Yamamoto


Tomoko celebrated her birthday at the ANT-Hiroshima office last Thursday. She was joined by Louise Marie from Rwanda, Nassrine Azimi and Masami Yamamoto. Tomoko also received a lot of messages by email and on Facebook from her friends and helpers around the world.

In response to the messages Tomoko said,


I was very happy and moved to receive so many messages of congratulations from everyone on my birthday. I was born and raised in Hiroshima and have worked here all my life. As we mark both my 60th birthday and the 25th anniversary of ANT-Hiroshima, with renewed spirits and cheerful smiles, I think we can look forward to another 25 years of energetic activity! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Tomoko Watanabe

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