“Yes Campaign” Booklets Distributed To Adult English Classes In Hiroshima

This week David (who runs the ANT-Hiroshima blog) distributed Hiroshima-Nagasaki YES! Campaign For The Abolition Of Nuclear Weapons By 2020″ booklets to his students at two community centres in Hiroshima, Suzugamine Kominkan and Ajina-Dai Kominkan.


David is a Hiroshima-based freelance English teacher who also works part time for ANT-Hiroshima. The YES! Campaign booklet has both English and Japanese texts as well as illustrations by Seitaro Kuroda, a famous contemporary Japanese artist. The books provided a good talking point for reading and discussion in the classes. 091105_1026~0001

The two photos in this blog report are of English students in class at Ajina-Dai Kominan with their copies of the YES! Campaign booklet.

If you would be interested in distributing some copies of the YES! Campaign booklet, please contact the ANT-Hiroshima office at


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