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Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Report: Our First Emergency Aid Delivery

On 22nd March a local Hiroshima network of NPOs and other voluntary organizations, including ANT-Hiroshima, set up a group called BoranEco Hiroshima. Our aim is to coordinate relief activities in the wake of the Tohoko earthquake and tsunami.On Saturday 26th March BoranEco Hiroshima sent their first truck of emergency aid supplies to the earthquake and tsunami-affected area of Tohoku in northern Honshu.

On 23rd March the group distributed leaflets to appeal to the local Hiroshima population for emergency goods and just three days later we were able to fill a two ton truck with 400 boxes of supplies.

Local volunteers were joined by about 350 people who came from outside Hiroshima to bring supplies and offer assistance. We were surprised and very happy to see so many people join us from out of town and wondered how they got to hear about our appeal so quickly.


At four thirty in the afternoon of 26th March Mr. Yamamoto and Mr. Komiya headed off in the truck and, aiming to get as far north as possible before stopping for the night, they took “bento” lunch boxes with them.

Thank you to everybody for making such a great effort on this, our first Tohoko volunteer relief action.



Thank You To Our Overseas Donors :)

After the earthquake and the tsunami struck the north of Japan last Friday we placed an appeal for donations on this blog and some other sites to help us make a useful contribution to the relief work that is so urgently needed.

So far, we have received donations from concerned citizens in Canada, England, Israel, Scotland, South Africa, and the USA.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to everybody who has so kindly donated in response to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

ANT-Hiroshima is now cooperating with other Hiroshima-based NGOs to create a relief network to deliver aid to the victims.

Actually, at present we are unable to get relief workers into the immediate disaster area, however, ANT-Hiroshima has already taken in a few of the displaced people in Hiroshima and we are working to provide them with immediate necessities such as food, shelter and daily necessities.

We are also lobbying the Hirshima city government in the hope that they will agree to provide shelter on a more extensive scale.

Day be day we will continue to do what we can.

We also hope that out of the current crisis in Japan we will be able to build a stronger worldwide network of people to help us support disaster victims around the world.

If anybody reading this blog has any special experience or suggestions to help us in our relief efforts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

And, if you would like to donate, please select one of the buttons in the right hand column, according to your means.

To all our friends and donors, thank you again for your support.

Best wishes,

Tomoko Watanabe
Executive Director


Japanese Earthquake: Japan’s Worst Disaster Since World War II

Japan’s Prime Minister, Naoto Kan said that Japan is now going through its greatest hardships since the Second World War as the damage caused by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami become clear.

  • The nuclear power plant reactors 1 and 3 at Fukushima are in a critical condition. Yesterday there was an explosion at reactor 1.
  •  Around170,000 people within 20km of the nuclear plant have been evacuated.
  • Elsewhere in the area of the disaster, about 310,000 people are in emergency shelters.
  • In Minamisanriku alone, around 10,000 people are missing.
  • Power cuts have affected millions of people across northern Honshu and scaled power cuts across the country may occur.

You can stay informed via this live update from the BBC:

P. S. If you would like to help us as we prepare to organize what relief we can as soon as NPOs are able to operate in the area, please send a $10 donation via the Paypal button in the right hand column. Thank you.

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Update

You will all have seen the terrible news of the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on Friday afternoon.

We in Hiroshima have not been directly affected and did not feel the earthquake but we have been watching in horror the news reports on television.

The tsunami arrived on our local coast last night, but the size of the wave was about 50cm and it did not do any damage in the Hiroshima area.

First the earthquake struck with a magnitude of 8.8, then the tsunami, then fires broke out and in some places the ground caved in or subsided. So far hundreds of deaths have been reported but it is certain the number of victims will continue to increase as the days go by.

Now it is a very difficult situation as the earthquake has affected half of Japan to a greater or lesser extent.

I am most worried about the nuclear plant in Fukushima Prefecture. I am afraid it could be another “Three Mile Island”. People living within 20 kilometers of the plant have been evacuated from the area.

We are now beginning to consider how best ANT can help the people in the affected areas. It is still a very dangerous situation so only the Japanese Self Defence Force and other government emergency relief agencies are operating in the area at the moment.

Anyway, we have to calmly collect information and judge the situation so that we can help in the best way we can.

We at ANT-Hiroshima have received many messages of support. Thank you very much for your warm words love and compassion. Your thoughts and messages help us to renew our energy and face the situation.

Tomoko Watanabe
ANT Hiroshma


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