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  • Thumbnail for the post titled: People of ANT-Hiroshima – Liam Walsh, intern

    People of ANT-Hiroshima – Liam Walsh, intern

    An Australian 23-year-old from Adelaide who lives in Okayama speaks fluent Japanese – in Hiroshima-ben (the dialect of Hiroshima). This is ANT intern, Liam Walsh, a fourth-year student majoring in […]

  • ICAN’s Tim Wright Speaks with Young People in Hiroshima

    ICAN Treaty Coordinator Tim Wright visited Hiroshima 20-23 July 2018 at the invitation of the Chugoku Shimbun newspaper, Hiroshima City University, and Nagasaki University’s RECNA as the keynote speaker at their […]

  • Book Reviews: Rhodes and Dower

    Nonfiction isn’t always gripping — but it can be. Seven months ago, I decided to learn more about nuclear weapons in general, rather than simply focus on a single instance […]

  • Interview with Anti-Nuclear Activist Mitsuhiro Hayashida

    Back in February, members of ANT-Hiroshima participated in a workshop about the current global anti-nuclear movement and Japan’s role therein. The workshop was led by Mitsuhiro Hayashida, activist and campaign leader […]