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Impressions of Hiroshima 7: Hiroshima is a Place of Peace

After Tomoko Watanabe had given her Grassroots Peace Activities presentation to a group of government officials and academics who are visiting Japan from various countries in Asia, the participants were asked to describe their impressions of Hiroshima.

Arija Vaidya, a postgraduate student from Nepal, writes…

Living here for the last two years, my impression is that Hiroshima is a place of peace. All people, (insiders and outsiders) are heartily welcomed.

During my stay in Japan, I feel lucky to get the opportunity to stay in Hiroshima, which gave me a chance to know about the reality of A-bomb and the voice of the A-bomb survivors. Hence, I would like to utilize this opportunity to know the reality and I want to convey the message of peace and the reality of my friends back in my country.

Arija Vaidya
Postgraduate student


Impressions of Hiroshima 6: Destruction of Human Beings & Infrastructure

Tomoko Watanabe gave a presentation about Grassroots Peace Activities. Afterwards, the participants who were local government administrators and academics from various Asian countries were invited to respond to the question:

What are your impressions of Hiroshima?

Here are some comments by Tirko Prasad Dhital, a civil servant from Nepal:

Hiroshima is a historical place of Japan. I only read about Hiroshima in books but I got an opportunity to observe what happened in 1945, August 6th. It was a big destruction of human beings and infrastructure.

I remembered in my country about 10 years conflict with Maoists. We were also suffering conflict and many children, women, old men died in our country and also various infrastructure [was destroyed as a result of] manmade violence.

But Hiroshima has developed everywhere and they get high to show the unity of society and nation. After my visit to Hiroshima I would like to wish all over the world people and leaders to make peace and not use atomic weapons against human beings and nature.

Tirko Prasad Dhital
Ministry of Local Development


Impressions of Hiroshima 5: No More Hiroshimas!!!

Visiting Master Program student, Meas Chhivhun, from Cambodia, was invited to attend the Local Government Traning Course organized by JICA. While on the course Meas came along to Tomoko-san’s Grassroots Peace Activities presentation.After the presentation was over, Meas contributed the following comments:

What are your impressions of Hiroshima?

Very sad to see the result of the A-bomb to human beings [such] as Hiroshima people have met. I feel the horror of this kind of weapon. How could people create such a thing to destroy people.

… I think war never resulted in a good thing to humans and nature, even when using simple weapons there must be bloodshed.

We are living together in one world. Why don’t we live together with happiness and smiling face?

I wish no more war, no more weapons, no more killing, no more Hiroshimas!!! 🙂

Meas Chhivhun
Master Program Student


Impressions of Hiroshima 4: A Source of Inspiration

The Grassroots Peace Activities presentation that Tomoko Watanabe gave to a group of local government administrators who were visiting Hiroshima led to some interesting discussion.

After the session the participants, who had come to Japan from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Cambodia and Fiji, were asked to describe their impressions of Hiroshima.

Today we report on the comments of Dr. Sarwar Bari, a civil servant from Bangladesh.

What are your impressions of Hiroshima?

I think the city of Hiroshima has become a source of inspiration for humanity [and] not only reminds the world of the destruction done by the first atomic bomb but is helping to build consensus among the people against war and violence.

This is not only against the nuclear arms race or use of atomic bombs, but also about respect for human life and human rights.

Hiroshima is providing inspiration about raising the conscience of people. This will connect all people around the world for peace and help them to raise their voice against violations of human rights anywhere in the world.

This city brings people from different countries and cities of the world and of different races to a common platform to work for peace and humanity.

Md. Sarwar Bari
Ministry of Local Govt.


Impressions of Hiroshima 3: An Inspiring Lesson For Worldwide Development

Tomoko Watanabe’s presentation, Grassroots Peace Activities, was given to a group of visiting local government administrators and academics. After the session the participants wrote about their impressions of Hiroshima. Muhammad Yusri Zamhuri, a postgraduate student from Indonesia, submitted the following comments:

What are your impressions of Hiroshima?

Hiroshima was … dramatically changed when the atom bomb [was dropped] by the US Airforce. This is a historical tragedy of the danger of misusing atomic power.

Hiroshima was rebuilt on a “peace basis” and became an inspiring lesson for worldwide development.

Anybody who comes to visit Hiroshima will realize, Hiroshima nowadays has developed after the atomic bomb blasting. The people of Hiroshima live in peace and prosperity.

On the subject of our visit to Hiroshima to study … development, physical infrastructure, culture, education, it has inspired me to share [my experience] with people and students in Indonesia.

Muhammad Yusri Zamhuri


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